Microsoft Hololens Development
Why Hololens?
Augmented Reality was starting to take off these last few years, therefore I decided to invest into a Microsoft Hololens and kick off my development into AR.
My Knowledge of developing for the Hololens:
I have a basic understanding of developing for the Hololens in Unity. I have worked my way around the Holotoolkit learning various techniques such as: Spatial Mapping, Voice Controls, Accessing the Hololens Cameras, Occluding objects behind walls etc
Spatial Mapping:
I used spatial mapping to detect what was a wall, ceiling, couch etc. I then determined what wall the user was looking at, and placed a UI menu on that wall. I also used this to spawn an object somewhere on the floor of the tracked space.
Occlusion was used to make sure the object that was being spawned on the floor using spatial mapping, so only visible when seen directly, hidden when behind walls and obstacles.
Voice Controls and Camera:
I used voice controls to detect a command from the user. In this case, I had a rendered texture displaying in the view of which the Hololens Camera sees. I then used voice controls to allow the user to enable and disable the camera, as well as zoom in and out
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