A Rogue-Like Dungeon Crawler
Development date - July 2017 / Current
About Dungeon Chop Chop:
Dungeon Chop Chop is a Rogue-Like Dungeon Crawler set in medieval times. Fight against a variety of enemies with different weapons and items by yourself, or team up with a friend. The goal for the player is to make their way through each biome to find a dungeon, whilst collecting loot, killing enemies and other unique treasures on the way. Once the player has taken out each dungeon and collected each dungeon item, they're now ready for the final boss. If you die (or both players die) throughout the game, your run ends, resulting in a complete restart. The game has a ton of replay-ability, as the world is randomly generated as well as all the shops and enemies.  
 My Contributions: 
I was not the sole programmer on this project, it was myself and another. My partner decided to take on the level generation, so I was left to tackle the player combat as well as AI, Weapons, Charms, Bosses and more.  

Nintendo Switch:
I was in charge of porting and optimizing the product for the Nintendo Switch. Before optimization the game ran at 5fps on the lowest quality settings,. as well as took 10 minutes for the game to load. After optimization, I was able to get the game running at a smooth 35fps on the best quality and reduce the loading time down to 45 seconds.
Enemy AI:
Enemy AI is a huge aspect to the game, so we had to make sure we had a variety of unique enemies to give the player a sense of progression and difficulty throughout their play-through. I used Unit's built in Nav Mesh for the most part of the enemies tracking and following. As we were on a strict time schedule, and I had to work on lots of other requirements for the game, I made the enemy AI somewhat basic. ​​​​​​​
When making the combat between the player and the enemies, I had to make sure the player received a lot of feedback that they either hit an enemy or received damaged. I spent a lot of time adjusting and tweaking the particles, sounds and variables when the player hit the enemies. Satisfaction was important for the player, so multiple particle effects were added as well as hit colours on the enemies.
Final Boss
The final boss has three different types of attacks that the player must avoid whilst also avoiding enemies and turrets. When the boss gets to different percentage's of health, his attacks change and increase in speed and power.
Screen Shots
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