Source code unavailable (Commercial Product)
What is Shopkins World?
Shopkins World is an IP created by Moose. Mighty Kingdom were approached to develop the IP into a mobile game.

My Contributions
Prototyped and developed two mini games. One being a memory game and the other a mario kart-esk balloon popping bumper car game

Memory Game
The game will begin with the user being shown a specific amount of shop items that are being thrown onto the register. The first round will start with 3 items, which will eventually go up to 5 after 3 rounds. Once the user has seen the items, they will then be prompted with a panel that displays those items. They will then need to chose the items based on the order they were thrown. If the user chooses incorrectly, that results in game over. It's a real simple take of a memory game.
Bumper Cars
The user, as well as the AI start with 3 balloons. The user must try and pop the AI's balloons whilst avoiding their balloons being popped. Once all the AI's balloons have been popped or the user is out of balloons, the game ends.
Key Takeaways
- Working with existing code
- Working in a professional environment
- Meeting a required deadline and standard
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