What is Capybara Carbonara?
Capybara Carbonara is a Rogue-lite, physics driven sandbox style game where you play as Capy the Capybara running a muck in a zoo. Take down those pesky zookeepers with rocket launchers, dart guns, golf carts, lawn mowers and more!
One of the biggest challenges in this project is the ability for Capy to be able to hold multiple objects at once e.g holding a rocket launcher with a helicopter hat on his head whilst on rollerskates. My solution for this was to split each main body part into it's own animation layer, enabling the ability to animate the legs separately from each arm and head, as well as being able to have different stances, such as quadruped walk and biped walk.
Key Takeaways
- Active ragdoll physics
- Advanced animation layers
- Relationships between ragdoll and animated bones
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